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CN-201370915-Y: Constant-pressure spray head for spurting water mist patent, CN-201372217-Y: 压差自调式配糖水水处理净化器 patent, CN-201372323-Y: Holding rope mechanism for monocrystal oven patent, CN-201372387-Y: 一种锅炉蒸汽管道尾汽再利用装置 patent, CN-201373645-Y: Combined household appliance patent, CN-201373820-Y: Dyeing box for medical detection sample patent, CN-201374479-Y: Usb插头内建读卡槽构造 patent, CN-201375213-Y: Novel book cabinet patent, CN-201375297-Y: Double shoulder-protecting quilt patent, CN-201375637-Y: Urinal for women patent, CN-201376874-Y: 灌墨水的机器 patent, CN-201377142-Y: Roof tile fastening component patent, CN-201378770-Y: Novel electric push rod for photovoltaic solar tracking power station patent, CN-201379702-Y: 带语音提示的盲人专用墨镜 patent, CN-201381855-Y: 一种小型高速的电动脱气机 patent, CN-201381873-Y: Negative pressure deslagging filtering drainage device and extracting device patent, CN-201382338-Y: Navigation lamp patent, CN-201383132-Y: Touch panel with optical sensor assembly response structure patent, CN-201383146-Y: 一种全长卡主板 patent, CN-201383175-Y: Discoloration anti-fake detection pen patent, CN-201383691-Y: 移动式应急直流电源装置 patent, CN-201383905-Y: 可折叠电子装置 patent, CN-201386470-Y: 内外两层均可开闭内置活动遮阳帘组合窗 patent, CN-201387114-Y: 一种空调机组箱体结构 patent, CN-201387280-Y: 25 and 50 zoning inner block box seat for movable electronic target patent, CN-201387955-Y: Sata胶芯视窗式结构 patent, CN-201388171-Y: 可移动式聚光太阳能发电柜 patent, CN-201388680-Y: Headrest and shampoo bed using same patent, CN-201389022-Y: Electrode holder for electrocardiograph patent, CN-201390157-Y: 车轮供电装置 patent, CN-201391101-Y: 一种折叠式立体泊车设备 patent, CN-201391336-Y: Coal slurry digger patent, CN-201392077-Y: 一种新型雾化器晾干架 patent, CN-201393141-Y: 一种新型的热辊电机润滑冷却系统 patent, CN-201393214-Y: 触摸感应操作装置 patent, CN-201393649-Y: Women's shoulder bag patent, CN-201394323-Y: 一种可调羽毛球网 patent, CN-201394391-Y: 一种皮带运输机系统与陶瓷过滤机系统的电气联锁装置 patent, CN-201394396-Y: Filter device for metal powder vacuum screen separation patent, CN-201394695-Y: 一种pack电池电阻焊接定位通用夹具 patent, CN-201394887-Y: 一种高铁预制桥梁专用制孔胶管 patent, CN-201395048-Y: Novel automobile oil box cover patent, CN-201395225-Y: 带飞轮的自行车 patent, CN-201395307-Y: 阻流式牙膏口 patent, CN-201396979-Y: 五合一厨房能源回收利用系统 patent, CN-201397211-Y: Rear shaft type torque sensing device of intelligent electric bicycle patent, CN-201397643-Y: Complete light-reflection word signboard patent, CN-201398627-Y: 地面清理刷 patent, CN-201398670-Y: 一种存放物品的自动吸附机构 patent, CN-201399891-Y: 多层复合髙强芯拟纸膜产品成型模具 patent, CN-201400009-Y: Flashlight pen patent, CN-201400302-Y: Life jacket patent, CN-201400471-Y: Lane mechanism for unscrambler patent, CN-201400731-Y: 一种涤纶短纤维纺丝上油装置 patent, CN-201400885-Y: 一种百叶窗式水力自控闸门 patent, CN-201400917-Y: Intelligent lifting vanity wash basin patent, CN-201400996-Y: 一种后浇翼缘板的施工支架 patent, CN-201401383-Y: 一种组合式液压集成控制阀块系统 patent, CN-201401513-Y: High temperature and high pressure resistant seal-sealing angle cut-off throttle valve patent, CN-201402742-Y: Capacitor packaging structure patent, CN-201403725-Y: 打工者及学生午睡垫 patent, CN-201404093-Y: 一种电炖锅的控制电路 patent, CN-201404243-Y: Novel rib expanding and bracing device patent, CN-201404554-Y: 雾化器 patent, CN-201405055-Y: Adjustable bracket patent, CN-201405381-Y: Pneumatic fruit and vegetable slicing/dicing cutter patent, CN-201405941-Y: 诱导缓冲独立组合式翻车保护结构 patent, CN-201407443-Y: Homoenmerous telescopic joint patent, CN-201407905-Y: 工业电炉嵌入式侧开炉门 patent, CN-201407928-Y: 高效节能带检修孔的浮头式换热器 patent, CN-201409059-Y: 双柄手工铜排弧度弯形器 patent, CN-201409104-Y: Whirly driving control device used for carriage or capsule patent, CN-201409323-Y: 防虫线 patent, CN-201410074-Y: Pulley flying ring trainer patent, CN-201410566-Y: 圆弧面精车设备 patent, CN-201411299-Y: Forced rope-breaking and speed-limiting safety anti-fall catch for construction hoist patent, CN-201411411-Y: 玻璃切割控制系统 patent, CN-201411773-Y: 下水道口环保装置 patent, CN-201411779-Y: 一种跨度≥100m的吊车梁、屋盖支承结构 patent, CN-201412822-Y: Group-level fire coal power generating boiler patent, CN-201413394-Y: GPS integrated transmission system patent, CN-201414071-Y: 实现引脚复用的恒流恒压控制器及其三引脚集成电路封装 patent, CN-201414176-Y: glasses camera patent, CN-201414177-Y: Anti-drop hard disk camera patent, CN-201414680-Y: Magnetic-conductive glass ware patent, CN-201414695-Y: Improved electric pressure cooker patent, CN-201415666-Y: Emergency brake device for accelerator pedal stepped by mistake patent, CN-201416349-Y: Connecting structure used between building door/window opening and general auxiliary frame as well as border through pressure injection caulking patent, CN-201416404-Y: Special-shaped packing of universal adjustment wellhead packing box patent, CN-201417109-Y: 散热鳍片结构及其散热器 patent, CN-201417229-Y: 一种矿浆截流取样器 patent, CN-201418251-Y: 免耕施肥播种机 patent, CN-201418532-Y: Book end patent, CN-201418656-Y: 组合结构慢炖锅 patent, CN-201419273-Y: 齿式拉扣引导式管割刀结构 patent, CN-201419557-Y: 一种印章垫 patent, CN-201420176-Y: 定型机主轴传动装置 patent, CN-201420698-Y: 罩极式风机 patent, CN-201421006-Y: 两轮车尾灯 patent, CN-201421073-Y: 一种蒸汽发生装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, 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